Audio Book of Career Documentation Guide

Audio Book of Career Documentation GuideYou can listen to each chapter on this page, using the playback controls below for each individual audio file. Or, you can download the full set of audio book chapters for use on your computer or other listening device by clicking the link here: Download audio book (51.4 MB).




An Introduction to the Workbook

Chapter 1: Importance of Documenting and Archiving Your Work

Chapter 2: Getting Started and Setting Goals

Chapter 3: Getting Assistance

Chapter 4: The Legacy Specialist

Chapter 5: The Physical Inventory, Steps for Organizing and Taking Care of Your Physical Inventory

Chapter 6: The Record-Keeping System, Spreadsheets and Databases, Information Your Records Should Contain, Artwork Record, Unique inventory number, Contact Record, Exhibition Record, Archive Record, Resources

Chapter 7: Photographing Your Work

Chapter 8: Budgeting

A Final Note