CALL Stories

In the below pages, we’ve collected stories to help illuminate the process and challenges behind establishing an archive.

➔ Case Study: Preparing for Mel Chin’s Retrospective
Legacy Specialist Rose Candela Moore gives a behind-the-scenes look at preparing for Mel Chin: ReMatch, a major retrospective of conceptual and multidisciplinary artist Mel Chin at the New Orleans Museum of Art in Spring 2014.

➔ Interview: Lesley Dill
Legacy Specialist Rose Nestler discusses CALL Artist Lesley Dill

➔ Case Study: Bert Long
Written in August 2012 by Legacy Specialist Peter Gershon

➔ Interview: John Koos
Legacy Specialist David Bratton discusses CALL Artist John Koos

➔ Interview: Mimi Smith
Legacy Specialist Denise Schatz discusses CALL Artist Mimi Smith