About CALL

Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) is a program of the Joan Mitchell Foundation that provides support to visual artists in creating, through organizing and inventorying, comprehensive documentation of their artworks and careers. 

In 2007 the Joan Mitchell Foundation began exploring new ways to support mature artists in the thorough documentation and preservation of a their legacy. During the initial pilot phase of CALL, we worked in-depth with four artists in this process: Mildred HowardElemore Morgan, Jr.Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, and Freddy Rodriguez.

From what was learned during this in-depth work, the Foundation developed a range of tools for artists. The Joan Mitchell Foundation CALL Database was created as a method of keeping accurate records. A workbook leads artists through the basics of creating their own comprehensive organizational system in their studios and archives. This website allows a forum for sharing information, and publicly available resources.

Through the work with these four initial artists, it became apparent that many artists with established careers still need help in getting organized and implementing a studio inventory system.

In 2010 the Foundation began working with emerging artists as Legacy Specialists, assistants trained specifically to advise and work with artists around these issues. Currently the Foundation employees a group of eleven trained Legacy Specialists who work with ten artists in New York City.

Hoping to expand the discussion nationally, in 2011 the Foundation awarded planning grants to five arts organizations across the country through an RFP process. These organizations then were all asked to develop a proposal for programs that served their constituents, used the CALL resources, and increased awareness of the importance of documenting the artwork and careers of individual artists. In 2012, four of these organizations: Artist TrustBronx Council on the ArtsDiverseWorks, and Space One Eleven are beginning programming locally.

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